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See the diagram below showing how the AMX5000 / AMX5100 work together for your Data Center
Built on Avocent's field-proven matrix switching design, the AMX5000 is an 8x32 switch that provides a powerful KVM solution with advanced manageability. The AMX5000 highly scalable architecture easily accommodates additional servers and users, which makes the AMX5000 particularly effective in evolving installations with hundreds or even thousands of servers. Avocent's AMWorks software is included free with the AMX5000 switch for central administration.

The next generation AMX5010 is a 16x64 analog matrix switching solution that provides unmatched advancements in increased access and efficient scalability. The powerful AMX5010 solution increases the number of users with simultaneous access and provides access to all major server platforms and serial devices. Avocentís advanced AMWorks software is also included with the AMX5010 switch for central administration.

Avocent's AMX5100 desktop user station doubles as a monitor stand and provides access from the desk to the switch. The AMX5100 connects to the user's multi-platform KVM peripherals and sends the KVM signals over an industry standard CAT 5 cable to Avocent's AMX5000 matrix switch. Avocent's exclusive AutoTuning technology allows the AMX5100 to automatically compensate for varying cable types and lengths, including CAT 5, CAT 5e and CAT 6 and adjust for signal losses each time a switch is made to a server. The AMX5100 user station works with patented OSCAR on-screen interface. OSCAR uses multi-lingual, intuitive menus for Point and Click system configuration and server selection.

AMX5000/5010 Features AMX5100 Features
  • Supports multi-platform server environments: PS/2 and Sun
  • Provides full non-blocked access to servers
  • Highly scalability architecture makes it easy to add and support more servers
  • Provides ease of use with front panel LED indicators
  • Compact design conserves valuable rack space
  • AMWorks advanced administration software included with the AMX5000/5010 switch


  • Provides end-to-end UTP cable, including CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6
  • Supports multi-platform peripherals: PS/2 and Sun
  • Doubles as a monitor stand with zero footprint on the desktop
  • Provides high quality video
  • Works with patented OSCAR on-screen graphical interface
  • Provides optimal 1900x1600 video resolution up to 1,000 feet away from the server
AMWorks Software
For centralized administration of the
AMX, an AMWorks license is included with each AMX5000/5010 switch. The AMWorks Java-based system administration tool supports customized user profiles and multi-level security and allows system administrators to build a user database with assigned access and password protection for each server. Administrators can view all activities that take place on the KVM system, including user login, switches made to servers and changes made to the system connections or setup. The database is centrally stored and can be downloaded to the AMX5000 matrix switch via the network connection port available on all AMX units


AMX 5000/5001 Operational Diagram Computer Interface Cables
AMIQ-USB Server interface module for VGA, USB keyboard / mouse
AMIQ-VSN Server interface module for VGA, Sun keyboard / mouse
AMIQ-WSN Server interface module for 13W3, Sun keyboard / mouse
AMIQ-PS/2 Server interface module for VGA video PS/2 keyboard PS/2 mouse



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