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Lan Tek provides you with a wide choice of quality KVM switches to fit your individual Data Center needs. Give us a call at 800 660 2286 for a free consultation to find out what switching would work best for your system.

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SwitchView IP - Add remote IP access to your current KVM switch!

Avocent's SwitchView IP adds economical remote access capability to existing KVM switches. With secure, browser-based access, you can have BIOS-level, console access to multiple servers anywhere, anytime. Call for the new LOWER PRICE


Digital / Analog Switches
Avocent DS Series Digital Switches

The world's first digital 'KVM over IP' solution! The DS series combines the power of the Internet with KVM connectivity to bring you direct KVM access to any server in the world, using standard network connections.

Designed for demanding IT environments, Avocent's DS Series offers superior digital KVM switching for multi-platform, multi-location, multi-device access and control.


DSR1021 KVM Switch

The Avocent® DSR®1021 KVM over IP switch is designed for you to easily troubleshoot, reboot or even power cycle servers or serial devices in branch offices, avoiding the need for costly on-site service calls. The DSR1021 switch includes eight configurable ports for maximum flexibility and supports PS/2 and USB servers. External modem support allows access to remote devices if your network is down.

DSR1021 PDF Data Sheet


DSI5100 IPMI Proxy Appliance

The Avocent® DSI5100 IPMI proxy appliance adds new capabilities to the proven DS Series data center solutions. Managed by DSView 3 management software, this new appliance provides the means for IT administrators to take full advantage of emerging server management standards without installing new tools. You can use a single interface to manage IPMI, KVM, serial and power.

DSI5100 PDF Data Sheet


AutoView 1000R / 2000R All-in-one 16-port switches combine the best of both worlds!

Avocent's latest AutoView switches combine analog and IP-based KVM switching for local access from anywhere in the data center and IP-based access for extended or remote users.


Smart CAT5 Switch from Minicom

The line of 8 port and 16 port single user Smart CAT5 KVM Switches is Minicom’s next-generation line of powerful, compact, cutting-edge, cost-effective rack mountable KVM switches. The sleek, 1U sized Smart CAT5 line features CAT5 cable to eliminate cable clutter, and powerful on-screen display control and management. The Smart CAT5 Switches support 8 or 16 computers, letting you control and operate all your servers with just one keyboard, monitor and mouse!


Analog Switches
Altusen Matrix KVM - KM0432

NEW - Designed for the medium sized data center in a 1U package, This 4 user by 32 systems KVM switch offers the same ease of use as it's big brothers. Hot keys, OSD, 3-level password security, hot plugability, firmware upgrades when available and "Keep Alive" features. PC, MAC and SUN are supported via CAT5 to PS/2 and CAT5 to USB adapters. Servers can be up to 150M from the switch. All this at about $2K less !!


Avocent AMX5000 / AMX5100 Analog Matrix Switching Solutions

Built on Avocent's field-proven matrix switching design, the AMX5000 is an 8x32 switch that provides a powerful KVM solution with advanced manageability.

The AMX5100 desktop user station connects to the user's multi-platform KVM peripherals and sends the KVM signals over an industry standard CAT 5 cable to Avocent's AMX5000 matrix switch.



The AUTOVIEW Commander series features support for as many as 16 computers.


AutoView 200

AUTOVIEW 200 features true 2 x 8 matrix switching giving you the benefit of two simultaneous users and built-in remote access capability - up to 500 feet away.


AutoView 400

For Dual users-  8,16 or 24 ports. Multi-platform support, Flexibility and ease of use for combinations of PC, Sun & USB platforms


AutoView 1400/1500 (click links for PDF data sheet)

Avocent® AutoView 1400 8-port, single user, and AutoView 1500 8 port dual user,KVM switchs provides PS/2, USB, Sun and serial connectivity, advanced cabling options, flexible access and a next-generation user interface in one switching solution. CAT5 connectivity too.


AutoView 2000

Avocent’s multi-user AutoView 2000 KVM switch delivers simple, reliable and convenient connectivity to all major server platforms. AutoView 2000 features end-to-end CAT 5 connections, advanced cable management and powerful on-screen management.



CPS800™ and CPS1600™ provide system administrators with a centralized way to manage serial-based devices through local or remote IP connections.
Now remotely manage your power sources using CPS!


SwitchView Series

This feature-rich product line offers on-screen display with the OSD rack-mountable model, desktop and monitor stand flexibility with the DT model, maximum security switching with the SC model and true multi-platform support with the latest desktop MP model.



DSView® 3 Management Software --- The one solution for securely managing every device in your data center

DSView 3 software gives you complete connectivity and control. It extends the Avocent® patented KVM over IP centralized management system with a unique benefit in the KVM industry -- a hub and spoke architecture.

Read more:
DSView PDF Data Sheet


XTENDEX™ Multiple KVM Extender

The XTENDEX™ Multiple KVM Extender consists of ten ST-C5KVM-L-600 local units grouped together in a 1RU rack. Connect up to ten ST-C5KVM-R-600 remote units up to 600 feet with CAT5 cable.



Longview  Companion KVM Extender

The LongView Companion allows for a second workstation to be located up to 500 feet from the server for convenient system maintenance. For access to multiple computers, use your LongView in conjunction with a Cybex KVM switch.


LongView Wireless KVM Extender

Avocent’s LongView Wireless is the world’s first wireless keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) extender that can be used to wirelessly connect monitors (VGA, SVGA, XGA), keyboards, mice and audio devices to any desired computer, up to 100 feet away.


AutoView Wireless KVM Solution

The Avocent® AutoView® Wireless solution provides wireless connectivity between computers and monitors, keyboards, mice and audio devices. The wireless Transmitter(s) and Receiver(s) are the building blocks for a user definable 2 x 16 KVM switching and/or 1 to 8 video broadcasting solution.


Fiber Reach

Extend your console up to 3,300 feet from your PC or KVM switch with fiber cable


Avocent Digital Desktops

The non-proprietary bus extension technology lets you centralize all PCI-based computers for ease of maintenance while providing users with full PC functionality at the desktop. Connectivity comes in CAT5 and fiber for secure communication.

Available with either fiber optic or copper connectivity, the versatile desktop Cstation receives a PCI bus signal from a remote PC up to 800 meters away. Delivering the same benefits of a desktop chassis, including full peripheral support and flawless digital video, the Cstation is also available in an expandable 12" x 12" footprint or 8" x 8" office automation model.

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