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Fiber Reach

Extend your console up to 3,300 feet from your PC or KVM switch with fiber cable

Convenient, Reliable, Secure Access

Raritan's Fiber Reach enables you to locate a PC or multiple servers connected to a KVM switch in a clean, secure area and access the PC or KVM switch from a remote user console (keyboard, monitor, and mouse) up to 3,300 feet (one kilometer) away, using your fiber cable.

  • Keep critical PCs and servers in a clean, secure environment
  • Protect hardware, applications, valuable data
  • Protect data transmission from EMI and RFI
  • Eliminate lightning and power surge problems
  • Use for office building, manufacturing, campus, high-level security applications
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Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Each Fiber Reach kit includes a transmitter-receiver pair for use with your fiber. Kits also include connecting cables to PC or KVM switch. Connect the transmitter to the VGA video and PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports of any PC or KVM switch; connect a fiber cable up to 3,300 feet between the transmitter and receiver, plug a keyboard, monitor, and mouse into the receiver--now operate.


  • Transmit data flawlessly through areas with any level of EMI (electromagnetic interference) or RFI (radio-frequency interference)
  • Transmitter and receiver automatically adjust to correct data transfer rate
  • Video resolution to 1280 x 1024
  • Supports Macs, Suns, or ASCII terminal devices with Raritan's converters
  • DB25 Parallel Printer Port available (for use with PC only) for a remote printer
  • Locate your critical servers in a secure environment and access them through your KVM switch up to 3,300 feet away
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