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Not sure which LAN racking is right for you?

  Check out our Quick Tips below for help selecting the best cabinet for your application.
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Asking a few simple questions can help you determine which rack or cabinet is best suited for your installation.  For example:

1. What environment will it be placed in? What is the average temperature?
  • Raised Floor?
  • Warehouse?
  • Clean Room?
  • Controlled Environment (Air Conditioned)?
  • Fan-tops pull air through the cabinet
  • Vented Doors, Sides, Tops increase ventilation and heat dissipation

2. What type of equipment will be placed inside?

  • Rack-mounted servers?
  • Free standing equipment? (Need shelves?)
  • What is the deepest equipment going in the cabinet?
  • Equipment heat emissions? How much heat does equipment give off?
  • What type of internal cooling mechanism, if any, does the equipment have?
  • Damac Extreme™ Cabinets offer proper ventilation for rack mounted servers
  • Add 12" to the depth of the deepest equipment as a rule of thumb for choosing cabinet depth. This leaves room for wires and CableControl™.
3. What is the weight of each piece of equipment, and the total weight?
  • Select Heavy Duty shelves for heavier equipment.
  • Select Extreme™ cabinets for total weight requirements exceeding 800lbs, up to 1200lbs.

4. Are there space limitations?

  • Local restrictions? Height restrictions?
  • Fire codes?
  • Building Codes?
  • Leaving room for internal growth?
  • Extreme Cabinets offer the maximum rack spaces for a given height.

5. Color?

  • Matching existing equipment/decor?
  • Damac has Five standard colors available
  • Custom colors also available
Behind the handsome profile of every DAMAC (day-mac) cabinet lies a proven 16 gauge tubular steel frame. All DAMAC cabinets meet or exceed current equipment mounting standards and specifications. DAMAC  products include Data and LAN Cabinets and a 10 Year Product Warranty.

DAMAC Data Cabinets meet a variety of equipment storage needs including: wiring hubs, modems, bridges, routers, and other communication equipment. These feature 19" or 23" rackable mounting rails fully adjustable from front to rear and a full line of shelf options.

DAMAC LAN Cabinets were designed with servers, monitors and keyboards in mind. Take advantage of the wider rail distances to roll-out keyboards between the rails and maximize shelf space. Also, a 48" wide frame is available in this complementary line of cabinets.


Use DAMAC cabinets for your entire network. All cabinets can be coupled together for a multi-bay installation. Combine Data and LAN Cabinets for a neat, uniform look in multi-application environments. Simplify cable management during installation with DAMAC CableControl.

Support LAN TEK will install the enclosure of you choice. Select our seismic security options if required in your area.

Powder coating  provides the highest quality and most durable finish available and is safer for the environment too. Choose from five standard colors: IBM White, IBM Blue, Black and Pebble Gray and Network White. Custom colors are available. Contact your local representative.


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