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LAN TEK  is proud to offer DAMAC product solutions.


Together with DAMAC shelves, cable track and power strips, a DAMAC Rack System is a solid choice for efficiently organizing and maintaining your network.

Data Rack Features

  • 19" Rackable; meets EIA-310-D specifications (hole spacing, 5/8", 518", 1/2") 

  • 23" Rack available in 84" high version.

  • Constructed of high grade 6063-T6 extruded aluminum, offering high strength and excellent grounding, with a clear iridite finish.

  • Threaded (12/24) holes on both front and rear channel flanges.

  • Includes 32 each 12/24 pan head screws.

  • Solid 6" deep base cross members and 1 1/2" top cross members.

  • Four different heights available; 3', 4', 6' and 7'.

  • Universal aluminum shelves and steel solid shelves are available.

  • Supports DAMAC CableControl™ cable management.

  • U.P.S. shippable in custom one container packaging.

Data Rack System

Standard Rack Shelves

Part Number


SRS1914S-3 Solid Cantilevered Shelf, 15"D, Black Steel
SRS1914P-3 Perforated Cantilevered Shelf, 15"D, Black Steel
SRA1914S Solid Cantilevered Shelf, 15"D, Clear Aluminum
SRA1914P Perforated Cantilevered Shelf, 15"D, Clear Aluminum
SRS1919CS-3 Solid, Center Mount Shelf, 19", Black Steel
SRS1919CP-3 Perforated Center Mount Shelf, 19" D, Black Steel
SRA1919CS Solid Center Mount Shelf, 19"D, Clear Aluminum
SRA1919CP Perforated Center Mount Shelf, 19"D, Clear Aluminum
SRA19KS Keyboard Shelf (Full Size), Roll Out, Black Aluminum
SHP-3 Universal Slide-out Mouse pad (attaches to SRA19KS-3)
SRS19KMT-3 Keyboard Tray, Rollout/Tilting, Fits 16" Keyboards


Universal Shelf System
At the core of this modular freestanding 19" rackable shelving is a reversible base. Choose the 9 1/2" deep base or the 19" deep double shelf. Shelves are shipped flat; add the universal side bracket facing up or down depending on your application. The C4816 model provides two sets of brackets for added support. Available in standard anodized finish or in any DAMAC textured finish color.

DAMAC Rack Systems deliver an open frame foundation for data communication and LAN equipment. Together with DAMAC shelf options and CableControl™, a DAMAC Rack makes a solid choice for your network.

LAN Server Rack System

LAN Server Rack Features
  • Maximizes available floor space while organizing LAN equipment.
  • Holds up to four desktop file servers with easy to install and adjust steel shelves .
  • 19" Rackable space included in monitor top shelf design for monitor/keyboard switch (switch not included).
  • Single and dual roll-out keyboard shelf options.
  • Choice of textured color finishes.
Shown: LAN Server Rack C2234 includes: 8 Solid Shelves, single keyboard roll-out, monitor shelf, switch bracket.
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