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Command Console FP

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CommandConsole FP will help achieve maximum productivity and space utilization, while providing flexibility and security. Its versatile design makes CommandConsole FP ideal for a multitude of technology intensive applications including command, monitoring, call and network operation centers.

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Improved Productivity
  • Ergonomic design, ventilation and improved acoustics create operator comfort and efficiency, reducing stress and fatigue levels.
  • Organization of equipment, including the consolidation of keyboard, monitor and mouse control, provides an open and efficient workspace.
  • Flat panel display mounting arm permits 160 vertical and 200 lateral rotation and offers 8 of front-to-back depth adjustability
Managed Growth:
  • The modular design allows for customization to match any application and offers a plan for future growth.
  • A variety of choices in height and width, including multiple tier options, provides the flexibility to quickly and easily change a layout.
  • Optional corners are offered in convex and concave configurations.
  • Most reconfiguration can occur with just a screwdriver
Efficient Space Utilization
  • Vertically configured monitors increase available workspace.
  • Compact design and open architecture reduce stacked components and enhance ventilation.
  • Rear cable management and a rollout base improve access and serviceability.
  • Optional shelving and cabinets deliver multimedia and filing solutions.
  • Peninsula tables, power strips and task lighting increase workspace functionality.


  • The heavy duty steel frame provides a solid foundation for equipment storage, reducing exposure to incidental equipment damage.

  • Lockable cabinet doors limit physical equipment access.

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