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Lan Tek
offers the leading line of Network Operations Centers from SMC and Evans-Strata for your Data Center. Not only are the System 2000 and NOC vision an aesthetic and ergonomic enhancement to any Data Center, these designs also further maximizes space and provides you with the strength and modularity that IT professionals everywhere trust.

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The introduction of Strata represents a truly original concept that follows in the line of innovative products developed by Evans. Strata offers modularity, cost-effectiveness, adaptability, ease of reconfiguration and a clean technical appearance with an artistic flair. The inherent flexibility of Strata allows customers to move fluidly across the spectrum of planning solutions as their changing needs dictate. With Strata you can make gradual changes or utterly transform the work environment with a complete reconfiguration.

NOC Vision

The SMC NOC Vision™ console has been designed to accommodate the needs of the Network Operations Center.
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 NOC Vision™ Flyer

VisionLine™ from SMC

VisionLine™ has been designed for network operation centers, video wall viewing, traders desks, call centers and any other application where line-of-sight is critical. Its contemporary design and progressive engineering offer maximum space usage and unmatched strength. The interchangeable freestanding corners and removable end legs allow VisionLine™ configurations to be customized to meet unique needs.
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Benchmark Consoles
™ from SMC

Benchmark™ is the ideal console choice for applications requiring modularity, exceptional durability, contemporary styling and superior functionality, all at an excellent price. Designed for process control, industrial and security applications, the open architecture of Benchmark™ creates a solid steel structure for valuable hardware and makes expansion or reconfiguration to meet changing technological needs a simple task. It also provides versatility in managing cables, power, ventilation and security for equipment.

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Command Console FP

Its versatile design makes CommandConsole FP™ ideal for a multitude of technology intensive applications including command, monitoring, call and network operation centers.
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